For January, 2011

Check Domain Names before Business Web Hosting

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Are you looking to get a website up for your new company but have no idea what you should do to start off? You will need to look for business web hosting  for your website and before you even sign up, you will need to make the decision over your domain name.

There are many ways that you can find out whether a domain name is free but the best way is to use a website that can check all domain names for you. Many of these websites will also be able to offer you available alternatives if your first choice is taken.

When it comes to choosing your domain name, you should always pick something that relates to your business and is easy to remember. You will need to consider how it is spelt and think carefully about search engine optimization. Opt for something that is commonly searched for so that you gain traffic from search engine results as well as from your promotion and marketing attempts.

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