What Can Be Done With Reseller Hosting?

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Depending on your web host, there are a lot of things that you can do with reseller hosting . It isn’t all about just selling web sites.

Some reseller programs also allow you to register domains for a discounted rate. If your package offers this option, you can register domains for your customers as either an incentive to buy, or as an add-on to your services.

There are also sometimes options to upgrade your customers. This can be accomplished automatically when they reach a certain quota, or to encourage them to upgrade when they renew their contract. Renewing of contracts can sometimes also be done automatically. An email can be sent out to your customers when they are nearing the end of their contract as a reminder.

In some cases as well, you can have a completely customized website for your reselling packages to greatly enhance your business. Having total control of the look and function of your website is a great way to make it uniquely your own, therefore making it stand out from the competition.

Reseller Hosting
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